Life Insurance Careers with ICM: Grow With Us

Life Insurance Careers with ICM: Grow With Us

One of the most important and rewarding categories of financial services jobs is a career as life insurance advisor. That’s because life insurance advisors have a tremendous responsibility, for it is reliant upon their expertise and guidance to provide for those who may be left behind after the death of a loved one.

At Independent Capital Management (ICM), we always remember that there are people behind the policies. In some cases, the life insurance asset may give a newly single parent the independence to raise children at home. In another case, life insurance compensation may support the college education of a child who dreams of finding a cure for cancer. And elsewhere, it will prevent an elderly surviving spouse from having to go back to work.

Led by President and CEO Drew Marloe, insurance jobs at ICM is more than just jobs – it’s a chance to make a difference. Because the purpose of life insurance is so important, ICM goes to great lengths to recruit only those prospective team members interested in careers in finance who possess a complete understanding of their role in a client’s life. 

Trust is never more important than in the life insurance sector.

Many experts in financial careers guidance recommend the life insurance sector of the financial planning industry because it is one of the most stable of all professions. Within the insurance industry, careers are in high demand due to an aging population and the increasing desire of people to provide for the security of their loved ones. 

As a leader in the financial planning profession since 1988, ICM offers interested life insurance career candidates an opportunity to grow strategically through conscientious career development in financial planning jobs.

Life Insurance Careers with ICM: The Ultimate Job Satisfaction

Independent Capital Management has the personal touch of a private boutique firm, with the size and strength of one of the nation’s largest broker-dealers. Our careers in financial services abound. If you want to begin or continue your life insurance career with a sizable, nationally ranked firm that still builds personal relationships with their clients, call ICM – we’ll give your life insurance career a solid foundation for growth for years to come.


ICM team members enjoy: 

  • Comprehensive training toward industry licenses
  • Technical support from an experiences team of managers
  • Flexibility and independence from proprietary products
  • Management opportunities
  • Internal promotions
  • Generous employee benefits package


Your Rewarding Life Insurance Career Awaits

Independent Capital Management has been recruiting life insurance advisors since 1988, and is one of the leading recruiting firms in the financial services industry. Our long record over the years is testimony to our ability to successfully groom talented people for lifelong careers in financial consultant jobs, including life insurance. 

When you contact ICM to discuss your career path, you’ll understand why life insurance novices and veterans turn to ICM for the unparalleled career satisfaction.

We invite you to see for yourself what countless others have discovered and appreciated since 1988: Independent professional advice with a personal touch.  For an initial life insurance career consultation, call us today at: 888-660-1053 or e-mail us at: